Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Vichy Dermablend Foundation

Today I thought I would share a post about my current favourite foundation for everyday use. 

This product is the "Dermablend" foundation by Vichy. I purchase this foundation in Boots, so it would come under the drugstore make up catergory, although I haven't seen it in any other shops. This brand isn't sold at a beauty counter or with the other branded make up in Boots, so I feel it isn't merchandised as well for people to find. Because of this I wasn't sure if as many people would be aware of it, which is why I thought I would write a post!

As I've said, I would call this my current favourite everyday foundation. I find it leaves my skins looking soft and natural whilst it also has a very good coverage. This means I only need to use a small amount and this 30ml tube can last me a long time compared to other foundations I have tried that are the same size. My skin is more towards to paler end of the scale and I get this foundation in shade 15 - opal. This is one of the lightest shades they do and is perfect for my skin tone. 

In Boots, this foundation retails at £15.50. This price does seem a little high for a drugstore foundation, but is  also a fair bit less than some of the high end make up, so I would say it sits somewhere in the middle. I would agree this is an affordable and good price for what it is though as it can last me so much longer than others that may be a little cheaper.

This is without a doubt one make up product I would recommend so if you're looking to try out a new foundation, why not give it a go?

Emily x

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