Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Favourites

So finally we've come to the end of the month! January always feels like the longest month of the year to me so I'm glad we're finally here.

I've seen its common on the blogging scene for people to show their favourite products they've enjoyed at the end of the month so I thought I'd give it a go.. here goes!

Hair Products:

Redken protein reconstructing spray -
This is a product recommended to me by my hairdresser. I have had it a while but have made more of an effort to use it this month. It is a treatment which helps to reconstruct the protein in your hair, in turn helping to fix and treat damaged hair. I use it around once a week ater shampooing my hair and I do feel my hair is looking in better condition since using this!

 L'Oreal Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray -
I have naturally straight hair which I don't really like, so for my usual everyday hair, I make it a little wavy by leaving my hair in plaits overnight, and use this product to give it a messy look. I have only recently brought this but is perfect for my hairstyle and I have used it loads.

Cosmetics & Skincare: 

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara -
I won't go into too much detail on this because I've already done a post on this which you can see here. If you have read this post you will know how much I love this mascara. I have only had it about a week, but it had to make it on the list!

No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder - 
I have been using this powder as a staple in my make up bag for a good while  nowand this month is no different. I like loose powder as when I have pressed powders, clumsy old me usually ends up dropping them and they fall apart! Just a great product - I'm also a fan of the new packaging as the reflective lid can come in handy!

Damask Rose Face Mask - 
I recently picked this up in a local pharmacy. My skin wasn't feeling its best so I fancied a face mask and when I saw the price of £1.50 for one sachet or £2.99 for a tube that can do up to 10 masks - I was sold. I picked up the Ultra Deep Cleansing one and it leaves my skin feeling so lovely and refreshed. A great product at an amazing price! 


My favourite nail product of the month has to be Barry M's new 'Gelly Hi-Shine' nail polish range. I have two colours from this range, 'Watermelon' and 'Blueberry'. I've also seen a lovely lilac colour in the range called 'Prickly Pear' which I would love to add to my collection. They are lovely and quite thick so paint well onto the nail, and the best part, they only come in at £3.99!


My fragrance of the month is Marc Jacobs Lola. This is a perfume I've had a while, but have been using a lot more this month. I love the scent, and how pretty is the bottle?! Of course, not the most practical bottle for carrying around, but this is the perfume I have been using the most before leaving the house this month.

Candle Fragrance:

I love Yankee Candles and have a huge collection - thinking of doing a blog psot on them soon so keep an eye out! I have decided something else I will add to each of my monthly favourites will be my favourite candle fragrance of the month, so here is January's! 

I have gone for 'Winter Wonderland'. It is a lovely winter fragrance, which I got in a set with 'Christmas Wreath' and 'Christmas Eve', but think this one is perfect for January as it is a winter fragrance, but not necessarily too festive like the others in the set. I have been loving this candle - the only shame is that I only have a small jar in this so I've been trying not to burn it too much so it doesn't run out :(

So those are my choices! What are your favourites of the month?

Also, I would just like to say, I only really started blogging late this month and have been made to feel very welcome in the blogging community so I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has ever read, commented on or followed my blog, I appreciate it very much! 

Here's to many more months of blogging!

Emily x

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How To: Newspaper Print Nail Art

Good afternoon, how are you all?

I love nail art but I have to admit I am awful at it.. so when I saw this technique in one of Kate (DollyBowBow)'s videos, I just had to give it a go.

Before I go on, I must apologize for how messy they are in the pictures! Far too messy to be uploading to the blogging scene amongst people who are so amazing at make up and nails.. but i was in a rush and unfortunately I'm not one of those people :(

Anyway, I shall go on and explain how to do them.

You will need:

Base colour 
Top coat
10 x newspaper strips
Rubbing alcohol or a spirit, such as vodka
nail varnish remover
cotton buds/Q-tips

How to:

1. Firstly, you need to paint your nails in your chosen base colour. I would suggest going for white or a pale colour. I went for Revlon's Lilac Pastelle.

2. After ensuring the nails are completely dry, take one strip of newspaper and dip into the alcohol - Kate's video says to dip the nail in the alcohol instead, but this is the way I chose to do it. So either way is fine. 

3. Press the alcohol soaked newspaper strip (or dry strip if you've dipped the nail in the alcohol) onto the nails and hold down. You can hold the strip down whatever length of time you require, depending on how clear you want the print to be. I held mine for about 20-30 seconds.

4. Repeat on each nail, then seal each nail with a top coat.

5. Once dry, use a cotton bud or Q-Tip, whatever you want to call them, and nail varnish remover to clean the ink and any spilt base colour from the rest of your finger and around the nail - which I obviously didn't do very well as you can see haha!

That's it, its as simple as that.

I love this nail art. It looks great but is such a simple technique!

Why not give it a go? I'm sure you could all do a much better job that me!

Emily x

Kate's Video : 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Wishlist!

Links:  123456

Here are some of the products and clothes I've been really wishing I had recently!

1. H&M Shirt - This is a lovely beige colour shirt, and I love the studs and metal detailing on the collar. 

2. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - I've heard great things about this product and really want to try it out. It has a tiny brush perfect for separating and defining the bottom lashes and is apparently brilliant for not smudging under the eyes.

3. Topshop Studded Boots - These are a lovely pair of flat everyday boots in a black suede. I love the gold studded detailing and zip and I think they would go so well with almost everything!

4. NARS Laguna Bronzer - This is the one make up item I want the most at the moment! I've been trying to find a good bronzer and I've read so many good reviews about this one. It seems this product would be great for contouring the cheeks.

5. Topshop Geo Stripe Dress - I am in love with this dress. The skater dress shape is my favourite style of dress and I love the aztec style print. I also like how the colours are neutral. It seems like a piece that could be paired with different items and work all year round.

6. Essie Lilacism Nail Polish - I really want a nice lilac polish and this one is the perfect colour. I hear nothing but good things about the Essie brand so I'd love to give this one a go!

What's on your wishlist ?

Emily x

Monday, 28 January 2013

Review: Maybelline Rocket Mascara

Last week I ran out of the mascara that I was using for my day to day make up, so needed to pick up a new one. I was previously using the Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara but I really wasn't mad about that one so I thought I'd find something new to try.

As its more affordable, I tend to stick to drugstore make up for my everyday look so I had a look around Boots. 

The mascara I chose was the new one by Maybelline, "Rocket".

This mascara is the latest addition to Maybellines "Volum' Express" range, which also includes mascaras such as the "Colossal", "Falsies" and "One by One".  I had used all of these mascaras several times in the past and have often enjoyed these products, so I didn't hesitate to pick up the latest offering. Also, as a new product to the shelves it was on an introductory offer at only £5.99, another reason not to refuse!

I picked this up on Saturday so have only used it for two days so far, but the results are looking good...

The range focuses on giving volume to the lashes which is definitely noticeable with this product. It is said to give your lashes up to 8x more volume, and I agree it does this, but what I found I love best about this product is how amazing it is at giving my lashes length too! 

This is the brush which Maybelline are calling their exclusive "Jet Glide Brush". It is quite thick, with very fine and flexible bristles which help to define your lashes whilst adding volume, and leave zero clumps!

I am definitely glad I picked up this mascara, I knew it was unlikely to let me down if it was from the same range that I've enjoyed so many times before, and it certainly hasn't!  I can put this mascara on in the morning, go about my daily activities and find it still looks almost perfect by the evening. 

For me, I think this mascara has the whole package - it defines and separates lashes, adds length and volume, is long lasting on the lashes and comes in at a low price! You can't get much better than that.

Have any of you tried this product yet? 

Emily x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Empties: Products I Have Used Up

Good evening! 

It seems I'm running out of a lot of products lately and I've seen a few of these posts so I thought I would share my thoughts on the products I have used up recently before I throw them away.

Here they are:

1: Batiste Light & Blonde Dry Shampoo - I love this stuff. It's brilliant for those times that you don't want to wash your hair but feel it just needs a little boost. It gives your hair an instant refresh and also gives some body to the hair. Perfect for festivals too! Definitely a must have for me, so I've already re-purchased this.

2: Elegant Touch: Rapid Dry For Nails - I'm always smudging my nails whilst waiting for them to dry so I picked up this rapid dry spray, which you spray on painted nails and it drys them within 60 seconds. I can't complain, as it does the job, but i'm not mad about. I'm going to see what else I can find to try out instead of re-purchasing this one straight away.

3: Simple Soothing Facial Toner - I love Simple skincare products as I have sensitive skin and they are gentle on the skin, where a lot of other skin products can sting my face. I used this soothing facial toner morning and night and it keeps my skin hydrated and refreshed. Already stocked up on this product.

4: Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel - Again a great product from Simple, which is nice and gentle on my skin. I wash my face with this morning and night before I use the toner to keep my skin fresh and cleansed. Again, I'm already stocked up on this product as the Simple products are often on 3 for 2, or similar offers.

5: Charles Worthington Curl Enhancing Cream - I used this product to scrunch into my hair when it had been curled to help hold the curls in place. I have a feeling this may not be on sale anymore as I haven't seen it in a while, but it does the same job as I use a hair mousse for, so I'm satisfied with sticking with mousse to hold my waves and curls instead.

6: VO5 Hot Oil - I used this product every now and then before shampooing. It helps to reduce hair breakage and treat damaged hair. I have a lot of hair treatments so this isn't the best I've ever used , but I do find my hair feeling much softer after a use of this, so I would consider re-purchasing.

7: Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara - I do tend to go for mascaras with fatter brushes as I find they give my lashes volume which they need. This mascara definatley did that, but I found it did clump a little. I was complimented on the length of my eyelashes the other day whilst wearing this so I guess it isn't too bad for lengthening the lashes either. I would consider using this product again but there are a lot of mascara's out there so I think I'll experiment about a bit!

8: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Hardener - I used this product mainly as a top coat for nail polish recently and found it did the job for that well as it delayed chipping of the nail polish. I've also found that my nails are feeling stronger and don't break too easily so I suppose it's done the job of a Nail Hardener well too!

9: Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation - I wanted to try a better foundation so I went to the Clinique counter and they matched me with this product. It is brilliant for my skin as it tones down my red tones and evens out my complexion. This is probably one of the best foundations I have used. I did enjoy this product a lot and wouldn't hesitate to re-purchase it.

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts?

Emily x

P.S. I've entered Helen at thelovecatsinc 's giveaway to win the Naked Basics Palette, Essie Polishes and Real Techniques Brushes! There's some amazing products to be given away, why not try your chances too?
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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Haul: Dorothy Perkins and Next!

Hello everyone!

This afternoon, my sister and I went on a little shopping trip and I picked up a few bits which I thought I would share with you all. I brought a few things from Dorothy Perkins, Next, Boots, Superdrug and TK Maxx, and I was going to do a whole shopping trip haul post, but I thought I would break it up.. so today I'm going to show you the clothing items I brought from Dorothy Perkins and Next!

I first went to Next and found this jumper which I really liked. It is a fairly thin jersey kinda jumper, with a dropped back which sits lower than the front and three-quarter length sleeves with a turn up. Perfect for anytime of year, it can paired with a leather jacket and pair of black skinnies for the colder months or even with a pair of shorts for the slightly cooler summer days, so its a very versatile piece.  It was £24, which I think is a reasonable price for a jumper from a shop like Next. Pleased with this purchase!

I then had a look around Dorothy Perkins and found quite a few items I liked for brilliant value!

I picked up this khaki green t-shirt top. It's nothing too exciting, but I wanted to get a few simple tops like this that can go with anything. It has very small white speckled dots all over which give it a nice effect and make it look that bit nicer than one that was completely plain, and I think that's what drew me towards it. This top was only £9 and came in various other colours: blue, charcoal, red and beige. 

Also in Dorothy Perkins, I spotted this tee in the sale. It is another fairly basic t-shit top in a grey/blue colour, but on the front is a pattern made of little gold studs.I love the contrast with this simplicity of the t shirt, and the studs that just add that little something. This was a bargain at only £5 down from £19.50, and I again thought this basic kind of top could be perfect to pair with shorts, leggings or jeans for a good look at any time of the year.

Saving the best until last, also in Dorothy Perkins, I spotted this from across the shop and had to have it!

I'm absolutely in love with this bag. It's a perfect size for an everyday bag to take to college, work or shopping, and is the perfect shape to fit things in too! The gorgeous nude colour and scalloped pattern on the trim are what drew me to this bag straight away - it just looks so pretty and feminine. The bag also has a longer strap inside, so it can be worn on one shoulder or as a satchel across the body, and it does up securely with a twist lock. At £29.50, I think it is good value as the bag feels of a good quality and I think it will last me a long time! The bag also comes in a tan brown colour. I can't say enough good things about this bag.. love it!

So I didn't buy too much, but I'm very happy with my purchases! What do you all think?

Also one quick question, what kind of posts do you enjoy or would want to see from me? I'm welcome to suggestions.

Emily x

Friday, 25 January 2013

Outfit of The Day: Casual

Today I didn't have much planned, I just popped to college and had a dentist appointment, so I went for a fairly casual look.

The look began very simple with just a pair of black leggings and this plain purple/blue coloured vest top, but I decided to pair the outfit with this loose fitting black and white patterned blazer to add a little more class to the outfit which otherwise would look like the kinda outfit I could wear to the gym or for a run! 

Sticking to the casual theme, for shoes I chose my blue Vans. I also found the colour of them matched nicely with the colour of my top. 

I accessorized the outfit with just a few pieces of jewellery: My Chamilia/Pandora charm bracelet I wear everyday, a black hand painted bangle, and a short leaf necklace.

That's pretty much it, not the most exciting outfit but I wanted to get a fashion post up and this is what I happened to wear today. Hope you still liked it!

Where everything is from:

Vest top: Topshop
Blazer: New Look
Leggings: River Island
Vans: Schuh
Bracelet: Chamilia/Pandora
Bangle:  a French Market
Necklace: Accessorize

Emily x

Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Handbag Must Haves!

So today I was watching some youtube videos and whilst watching a "whats in my bag?" video, i was inspired to write a post about a few of my must haves in my bag!

The first thing which is always a must have in my bag is a mini perfume. I have a selection of different perfumes and always have one of the smaller bottles in my bag, at the moment my perfume of choice is Calvin Klein Eternity. 

It is a 30ml bottle which I got in a set with three other Calvin Klein mini perfumes in the fragrances CK one, Obsession and Euphoria. This bottle is a perfect handbag size and is one of my favourite fragrances as you can tell by the almost empty bottle!

Another thing I always have in my bag before I leave the house is my compact version of the Tangle Teezer. I had always heard great things about these hairbrushes and thought I would get one as I do struggle with tangled hair. Every review I had heard about them were 100% correct,it works wonders! I decided to pick up this compact version of it as I thought it would be great to carry round in my bag without worrying about the bristles  bending or snapping. 

The final choice in my handbag must-haves, is Lush Whipstick lip balm. A lip balm is always a must in my bag, especially at this time of year. I usually have a vaseline tin in my bag also, but prefer a flavoured lip balm too. This Whipstick product from Lush is a great product. It comes in a handy small tin and is an all natural product as are all of the products in Lush. It is a brown lipbalm with a chocolate taste to it which not only keeps your lips from drying out but has a nice taste too!

Those are three my top picks for must haves in my handbag at the moment. They are all great products and very handy to have with you wherever you go!

Emily x

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Vichy Dermablend Foundation

Today I thought I would share a post about my current favourite foundation for everyday use. 

This product is the "Dermablend" foundation by Vichy. I purchase this foundation in Boots, so it would come under the drugstore make up catergory, although I haven't seen it in any other shops. This brand isn't sold at a beauty counter or with the other branded make up in Boots, so I feel it isn't merchandised as well for people to find. Because of this I wasn't sure if as many people would be aware of it, which is why I thought I would write a post!

As I've said, I would call this my current favourite everyday foundation. I find it leaves my skins looking soft and natural whilst it also has a very good coverage. This means I only need to use a small amount and this 30ml tube can last me a long time compared to other foundations I have tried that are the same size. My skin is more towards to paler end of the scale and I get this foundation in shade 15 - opal. This is one of the lightest shades they do and is perfect for my skin tone. 

In Boots, this foundation retails at £15.50. This price does seem a little high for a drugstore foundation, but is  also a fair bit less than some of the high end make up, so I would say it sits somewhere in the middle. I would agree this is an affordable and good price for what it is though as it can last me so much longer than others that may be a little cheaper.

This is without a doubt one make up product I would recommend so if you're looking to try out a new foundation, why not give it a go?

Emily x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Favourite Winter Nail Polish!

For me, having my nails painted is always a must and I own far more nail polishes than I probably need but I feel its just one thing you can never have enough of! 

The seasons affect the type of colours I tend to go for on my nails, for example I mainly choose to wear pastels for Spring and brighter colours for summer, but as it's still January and we unfortunately still have a while to wait for Spring, I've chosen my top picks for winter nails!

(Going left to right) My first pick is Barry M Amethyst Glitter. I tend to wear different glitter nails non-stop throughout the Christmas period, and I have quite a few different glitters in red, gold and various other colours which are perfect for Christmas. As I spend a large part of winter with glitter nails, it was only right to have one in my Winter Favourites! For winter in general, I have gone for this one as it can be worn at any time, where as a red glitter, for example, is very much a christmas season colour. It is lovely for parties and evenings out and I find it really adds something extra if you were to go for a less accessorized look. I particularly love how this nail polish has larger flakes of glitter in compared to some others. The only thing I would have to criticize about this is that I find glitter nail polishes extremely difficult to remove.. but other than that, a lovely glitter polish perfect for winter parties!

My next pick is the colour Raspberry from Barry M. This is one I've owned for a while now and would wear at any time of year, however I think it is more suited to winter. It is quite a dark red colour, which isn't portrayed very well in the photo above, but which is why I believe it is more of a winter colour. It is great for an everyday nail look throughout winter and Christmas. I love Barry M nail polishes, and would definitely choose them as my favourite brand for nails, as they are all of a good consistency and don't take too long to try. This colour lives up to my opinion of this brand, so thumbs up from me!

The third choice is from a fairly new range to Barry M of 'Gelly' polishes, in the colour Watermelon. As I've said, I did think Barry M's nail polish consistency was quite good anyway, but this range is even better! It paints onto the nail nicely with a thicker liquid and only takes one coat. I have never really seen another nail polish this colour and just love the dark green shade. It is again a perfect colour for everyday winter nails, especially towards the end of winter as we head into spring. This has to be my favourite choice of the four, I love the colour and the new range!

My final choice is actually not Barry M for once! I have chosen a NYC polish in the colour Velvet Rope. It is a lovely dark burgandy colour. Again a darker colour shade, which is what I think winter is all about. This colour is the first one I will go to when Autumn begins and will use through until spring begins. The consistency of this brand is not as good as Barry M, so usually it will take 2 coats, but with such a lovely finishing colour, that is something I will happily put up with doing.

So those are my picks for my Nail Polish Winter Favourites! I love them all and would definitely recommend anyone picking them up. You will be able to find them in any UK Boots or Superdrug. Now for a long wait until Spring so I can switch up to the paler pastel colours again..

Emily x