Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Favourite Winter Nail Polish!

For me, having my nails painted is always a must and I own far more nail polishes than I probably need but I feel its just one thing you can never have enough of! 

The seasons affect the type of colours I tend to go for on my nails, for example I mainly choose to wear pastels for Spring and brighter colours for summer, but as it's still January and we unfortunately still have a while to wait for Spring, I've chosen my top picks for winter nails!

(Going left to right) My first pick is Barry M Amethyst Glitter. I tend to wear different glitter nails non-stop throughout the Christmas period, and I have quite a few different glitters in red, gold and various other colours which are perfect for Christmas. As I spend a large part of winter with glitter nails, it was only right to have one in my Winter Favourites! For winter in general, I have gone for this one as it can be worn at any time, where as a red glitter, for example, is very much a christmas season colour. It is lovely for parties and evenings out and I find it really adds something extra if you were to go for a less accessorized look. I particularly love how this nail polish has larger flakes of glitter in compared to some others. The only thing I would have to criticize about this is that I find glitter nail polishes extremely difficult to remove.. but other than that, a lovely glitter polish perfect for winter parties!

My next pick is the colour Raspberry from Barry M. This is one I've owned for a while now and would wear at any time of year, however I think it is more suited to winter. It is quite a dark red colour, which isn't portrayed very well in the photo above, but which is why I believe it is more of a winter colour. It is great for an everyday nail look throughout winter and Christmas. I love Barry M nail polishes, and would definitely choose them as my favourite brand for nails, as they are all of a good consistency and don't take too long to try. This colour lives up to my opinion of this brand, so thumbs up from me!

The third choice is from a fairly new range to Barry M of 'Gelly' polishes, in the colour Watermelon. As I've said, I did think Barry M's nail polish consistency was quite good anyway, but this range is even better! It paints onto the nail nicely with a thicker liquid and only takes one coat. I have never really seen another nail polish this colour and just love the dark green shade. It is again a perfect colour for everyday winter nails, especially towards the end of winter as we head into spring. This has to be my favourite choice of the four, I love the colour and the new range!

My final choice is actually not Barry M for once! I have chosen a NYC polish in the colour Velvet Rope. It is a lovely dark burgandy colour. Again a darker colour shade, which is what I think winter is all about. This colour is the first one I will go to when Autumn begins and will use through until spring begins. The consistency of this brand is not as good as Barry M, so usually it will take 2 coats, but with such a lovely finishing colour, that is something I will happily put up with doing.

So those are my picks for my Nail Polish Winter Favourites! I love them all and would definitely recommend anyone picking them up. You will be able to find them in any UK Boots or Superdrug. Now for a long wait until Spring so I can switch up to the paler pastel colours again..

Emily x


  1. I totally agre- darker colours for Winter and pastels for Seing/Summer. Great start to your blog x x


  2. thank you ! :)

    thanks very much for the follow too, i have followed back and look forward to reading your blog