Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Handbag Must Haves!

So today I was watching some youtube videos and whilst watching a "whats in my bag?" video, i was inspired to write a post about a few of my must haves in my bag!

The first thing which is always a must have in my bag is a mini perfume. I have a selection of different perfumes and always have one of the smaller bottles in my bag, at the moment my perfume of choice is Calvin Klein Eternity. 

It is a 30ml bottle which I got in a set with three other Calvin Klein mini perfumes in the fragrances CK one, Obsession and Euphoria. This bottle is a perfect handbag size and is one of my favourite fragrances as you can tell by the almost empty bottle!

Another thing I always have in my bag before I leave the house is my compact version of the Tangle Teezer. I had always heard great things about these hairbrushes and thought I would get one as I do struggle with tangled hair. Every review I had heard about them were 100% correct,it works wonders! I decided to pick up this compact version of it as I thought it would be great to carry round in my bag without worrying about the bristles  bending or snapping. 

The final choice in my handbag must-haves, is Lush Whipstick lip balm. A lip balm is always a must in my bag, especially at this time of year. I usually have a vaseline tin in my bag also, but prefer a flavoured lip balm too. This Whipstick product from Lush is a great product. It comes in a handy small tin and is an all natural product as are all of the products in Lush. It is a brown lipbalm with a chocolate taste to it which not only keeps your lips from drying out but has a nice taste too!

Those are three my top picks for must haves in my handbag at the moment. They are all great products and very handy to have with you wherever you go!

Emily x


  1. love this post I have been wanting to buy a tangle teezer for a good while now :O and the lush lip balms are so tasty love them all x

  2. thankyou :)

    I would definitely recommend you get a tangle teezer if you're considering it, they're amazing !


  3. awww i swear by the tangle teezers too! xx

    1. they're great aren't they!

      thank you for the comment :)