Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ginger Pickle | Handmade Jewellery

I recently entered a giveaway that Susanne was running in conjunction with Jade at Ginger Pickle to win a couple of items of her handmade jewellery and was lucky enough to win! Today, after a very long day, I was very happy to return home to find that the goodies I had won had been delivered!

Here is what I was sent:

(I couldn't resist taking photo's of the packaging as Jade had obviously put lots of effort into wrapping them up all cute and pretty!)
I thought it was really lovely that she had wrapped them all cute, as this really added to the fact they were homemade items and made it seem so much more unique and personal, rather than when you order something from a bigger chain online and your products just turn up in a plastic bag!

The two items of jewellery that I won were, as pictured above, a pair of pink rose earrings, and a lovely downwards triangle necklace. I love both of these items, they are so pretty and right up my street in terms of the kind of jewellery I would chose for myself!

These items came from the lovely Jade who runs her own website called Ginger Pickle, on which she sells a range of her own homemade jewellery, accessories and homeware. She makes such lovely and cute pieces of jewellery like these, as well as a range of other different items such as homeware, fashion and hair accessories and stationary. I strongly recommend you all to check out her website, you definitely won't be disappointed! See links at the end of the post for more information.

I'd just like to thank Susanne and Jade once again for the opportunity to win these lovely things. I feel very lucky to have won this and really love these pieces of jewellery!

Emily x

Jades information:
Twitter: @_GingerPickle_
Facebook: Ginger Pickle

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this post, neither was I paid to do so. I simple was lucky enough to win these items and personally made the decision that I wanted to share my experience with Ginger Pickle with you. I feel she deserves this little extra recognition and so made this decision myself to spread the word about her lovely work.


  1. Aww how cute is this packaging?? :) So pretty! xxx

  2. So cute! I love both items and will be checking out this site ;) xx

  3. The necklace is so pretty!xxx

  4. The earrings are so pretty! The necklace is lovely as well!
    Sarah x

  5. So cute! I love the packaging!
    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award, check it out here

  6. what gorgeous pieces! love those earrings. that packaging is adorable too. lucky you for winning!

    katy xxx

  7. These are lovely!

    New follower, found you through Carrie:Brighton :)


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